Earn Achievements In Your Diner.

Name  Achievement 
Upsell Master Complete 25 Upsells 
Employee Of The Month  Complete 100 Upsells 
Employee Of The Year  Complete 500 Upsells 
Employee Of The Millennium  Complete 1,000 Upsells 
Bronze Spatula Award  100 Burgers Served 
Silver Spatula Award  500 Burgers Served 
Golden Spatula Award 1,000 Burgers Served 
Chihuahua Award  100 Hotdogs Served 
Dachshund Award  500 Hotdogs Served 
Alsatian Award  1,000 Hotdogs Served 
Laughing Cow Award  100 milkshakes Served
Contented Cow Award  500 Milkshakes Served 
Sore Cow Award  1,000 Milkshakes Served
Two-Alarm Fire Award 100 Plates Of Chilli Served
Fire-Award Fire Award  500 Plates Of Chilli Served 
Wild Fire Award  1,000 Plates Of Chilli Served
Diner Quest Award  5 Quests Completed 
Route 66 Award  10 Quests Completed 
Blue Highway Award  25 Quests Completed 
Neon Lights Award  Diner Named 
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