What is Diner Life -

Diner life is virtual game, where you can experience a fun and lively cooking experience!

Diner Life is a game which gives you the tools to create, manage and grow your own American diner.

Starting with basic equipment you cook and serve classic diner cuisine such as hamburgers, chilli, fried chicken, pancakes and coffee. You can hire your friends and earn additional money by working in their diners.

As you accumulate cash, you can expand and upgrade your diner, purchase new furniture, decorate differently to change the overall look of your diner making it unique to your own taste and design it the way you like it, aswell as upgrade your kitchen equipment.

You can also train your staff to upsell to customers for maximum benefit.

When you are not playing diner life your staff serves customers and you make money.

You get experience from all the actions you do which allow you to level up, and unlock new items, either utility or decorative, quests are in a choose what to do bases, meaning you get to choose which quest you want to do at each time, by applying to it.

There is also Drive Thru Missions that you can apply to do when you reach the required level in the game. More unlock as you do each one, and you can ask friends to help and gift parts that are needed to help complete the orders, As well as ask friends to join your crew. You can also use diner cash to skip steps in the order to help you get past the tricky parts that you are having difficulty with. The more you advance into the orders the more the difficulty changes and they do become more of a challenge, but they are achieveable in the desired time frame. They are fun to do and make the cooking experience more enjoyable. 

Some extra items will require you to ask your friends for parts, like the case of the juke box, the red pool table, and many more that are collectables either for decrotive purposes, coin building, or for enabling cooking. Alernatively you can spend diner life cash in game to enable you to buy parts for the items that are required to help with building 'special' items. 

Achievements, gifts, avatar customization and expansions are all present.

All this sums up to make Diner Life a very nice option for Facebook restaurant game fans.

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